Oil & Gas Company

One of the world’s largest oil and gas companies with a nationwide rewards program.

Business Intelligence System

The Challenge
Overwhelmed by data from a nationwide rewards program
Our client is one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, and it offers a nationwide rewards program for its customers.

For every gallon of gas purchased at the pump, the reward program member earns points that can be applied as a discount toward their next gas purchase. Managing all those transactions, members, points expiration, data analytics and communications represented a big challenge for our client.
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The Solution
Real-time reports and automated operations
CSW Solutions built a Business Intelligence (BI) system that analyzes all the reward program transactions that take place at every gas station nationwide to keep track of members and points on a daily basis.

Our system not only produces valuable analytics reports for the marketing and operations departments, but also generates a daily list of emails to be sent out to specific reward program members based on different criteria, such as welcoming new members to the program, notifying members about expiring points, promotions, etc.

Due to the large amount of data processed daily, producing real-time reports was challenging. In order to give executives access to real-time information, we had to develop an efficient and smart way of storing and distributing the data. As part of the BI solution, we designed a family of processes that keep the most relevant information available at all times so authorized users can access it.
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Basic Structure
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Statistics Solutions
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Built a robust and efficient business intelligence system for one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies to manage a nationwide rewards program.