Database Development

We’re whizzes at developing tools that enable businesses to leverage data in real time.

Big Data on your terms
The ability to leverage data is a key differentiator in today’s world. But in many cases, off-the-shelf solutions fail to reveal the strategic insights and metrics that can transform performance.

That’s why we start off by identifying your organization’s goals and brainstorming the best data visualization solution with you as a partner.
Tap into your data
CSW has helped organizations develop custom databases, browser-based data visualization apps, reporting software with data mashups and IT dashboards with performance analytics, among other solutions.

With our extensive experience in big data architecture, we can help manage existing databases or plan, design and build a specialized solution for your unique needs.
Emerging trends
The big data world is getting bigger all the time – hello wearables and connected appliances – but you can look to our teams to stay ahead of the curve on emerging engineering trends.

We’re here to help you build the innovative software your enterprise will need to succeed in the future.

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