Big Data

Microsoft Power BI – Action Plan for E-commerce

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Recently, we have a lot of customers who are interested in taking all the data they collected over the years and make sense of it. This is very common now…

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Big Data for Small Businesses: Overlaps and Opportunities

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  How can you use big data to develop your business? Since this is a topic that’s here to stay, we’ll center this post around two main areas where big…

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Application Development Trends in 2017

379 253 jmedina

Enterprise applications, mobile applications, and web applications are all almost an entity of their own. Although some trends will overlap, the overall picture demonstrates clear differences in each platform. Moreover,…

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Tools for Big Data Related to Marketing for Small Businesses


  This is a follow-up on big data, specifically related to the tools for big data that small businesses can rely on to document and analyze information, in order to…

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Big Data for Small Businesses

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Big data has been defined as “data sets that are too large and complex to manipulate or interrogate with conventional business analytics software”. Up until recently, conversations about it had…

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