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Application Development Trends in 2017

Application Development Trends in 2017

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Enterprise applications, mobile applications, and web applications are all almost an entity of their own. Although some trends will overlap, the overall picture demonstrates clear differences in each platform. Moreover,…

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Zombie Activity Team-building

CSW Teamwork: helping us escape a locked room with a Zombie inside!

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Last week we had the great opportunity to share time with our team in an activity that, unexpectedly, helped us see glimpses of what makes the CSW Solutions team magical.…

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SQL vs NoSQL Storage

Things We Explain: NoSQL vs SQL

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“The box where your data is stored.” Oftentimes our clients know little on how their databases work… actually, almost everyone who does not work with databases knows little on how…

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Comparing Tracking Tools: JIRA vs Asana

447 296 Yoel Sommer

This is an updated post to the one we published originally in May 2015. The purpose of the update to share more of our experience with both tools. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————– In…

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Umbraco review: Top 5 Features + CMS

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Umbraco, the open source ASP.NET CMS released a big update late last year that resulted in the introduction of “Grid Layout” and “Responsive Preview”, both new to the system. Umbraco…

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new business development

The New Business Development

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Drawing from Morning Star Company Introducing the new business development… Business development has been in redesign for a few years already. In technology, it has taken a turn to building…

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Introduction to Software Projects Part III: Complex Projects

5472 3648 Jose R. Guay

Welcome back! This is the third and final post where I discuss how we handle software projects at CSW Solutions. It’s time to talk about complex projects. Part 2 of…

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Node.js: How Web Can Benefit from Non-Blocking I/O

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A programming language which has been around web development for a long time is now revolutionizing the status quo with a new face: JavaScript. After years of only being considered…

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Bitcoin: within the Now and Future of Cryptocurrencies

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“Explain Bitcoin Like I’m Five” is a post on Medium that came live in 2013. Its simplicity won over any other explanation out there at the time, and got the…

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Seven Habits of Highly Effective Software Developers

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Image source Habits make us. The recurrent activities we do as a team and as tech individuals help us in our undertakes and guide us to inspiration for the projects…

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