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Application Development Trends in 2017

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Enterprise applications, mobile applications, and web applications are all almost an entity of their own. Although some trends will overlap, the overall picture demonstrates clear differences in each platform. Moreover,…

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Remote Teams: Effective Collaboration and how to Streamline Communications

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International teams, remote teams and virtual teams are the same now: a group of individuals developing projects and building new organizations, working and residing in different places of the world.…

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Meet our Developers: Igriet González

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Photo of Igriet González, CSW Solutions Developer Where were you born? In Mexico City, Mexico What made you decide to become a developer? I was always curious about computers; my…

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Meet our Developers: Arístides Castillo

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Where are you from? I’m from Barquisimeto, Venezuela. What made you decide to become a developer? I discovered what computers were twice in my young life. When I was 5…

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