Microsoft Power BI – Action Plan for E-commerce

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Recently, we have a lot of customers who are interested in taking all the data they collected over the years and make sense of it. This is very common now…

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Benefits of a Custom Integration of Quickbooks and an E-commerce Platform

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GiftsforYouNow.com is one of the highest ranked websites on the internet for personalized gift items and is in the top 1% of search results for “personalized gifts”. QuickBooks™ Integration to…

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Umbraco review: Top 5 Features + CMS

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Umbraco, the open source ASP.NET CMS released a big update late last year that resulted in the introduction of “Grid Layout” and “Responsive Preview”, both new to the system. Umbraco…

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2015 Technology Trends

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2015 is already shaping up to be the year of productivity, but other trends, like a focus on e-commerce and mobility, are also rising to attention. Here are five technology…

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Azure vs Amazon Web Services: A keen & dynamic comparison for small business owners

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We started discussing cloud services in our blog this August as an important tech trend for small businesses for the rest of 2014. Here’s where we left off, since the…

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How to Increase Visibility to Your Website with 5 Simple Strategies

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My name is Lindsay Filkins and I am responsible for many fun marketing efforts here at CSW Solutions. I get the gran opportunity to play around with different ways to…

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Hosted vs Dedicated Ecommerce Platforms

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E-commerce is taking a bigger portion of overall retail sales in the United States and it’s not surprising by now to see more small businesses moving some, or all, operations…

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Znode Implementation


A Rapid Deployment of the Multi-Storefront Znode E-commerce Solution Roothouse Inc. is an e-commerce company that prides itself on quick deployment of niche websites driven off a single catalog. Roothouse…

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