Big Data for Small Businesses: Overlaps and Opportunities

693 693 Yoel Sommer

How can you use big data to develop your business? Since this is a topic that’s here to stay, we’ll center this post around two main areas where big data…

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SQL vs NoSQL Storage

Things We Explain: NoSQL vs SQL

900 600 Jose R. Guay

“The box where your data is stored.” Oftentimes our clients know little on how their databases work… actually, almost everyone who does not work with databases knows little on how…

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new business development

The New Business Development

518 238 admin

Drawing from Morning Star Company Introducing the new business development… Business development has been in redesign for a few years already. In technology, it has taken a turn to building…

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Remote Teams: Effective Collaboration and how to Streamline Communications

400 400 admin

International teams, remote teams and virtual teams are the same now: a group of individuals developing projects and building new organizations, working and residing in different places of the world.…

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Your Client’s Cloud Computing Security

4948 3260 Yoel Sommer

Rhipe Cloud Computing-Directors Edit from The Magnificent Itch on Vimeo. Cloud computing arrived with many advantages and options to implement in small businesses, but just like any IT infrastructure, it has aspects…

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Blogs CSW’s Developers Follow

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Image source We’ve written about the inspiration and research phases that our team goes through when developing software. Technologists need to keep up with trends, updates, software releases and community…

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Cloud Computing CSW

Cloud Computing for SMEs: Myths and Hype Surrounding Cloud Computing (for non-techies)

626 417 admin

The advantages of the cloud are obvious, and by now, everywhere; yet as new technologies become available and widely used, opinions start rising… sometimes to the point of diverting us…

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Mobile App Development

On Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Strategy

800 600 admin

Image source Mobile apps are now the inseparable part of Internet marketing. According to the Federation of Small Businesses, SMEs have embraced mobile apps and strategies. However, only a small…

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CSW Front-end Back-end Development

Things We Explain: Front-End & Back-End Development

598 488 admin

The land of web development has many paths, corners and unfamiliar terminology, but that’s what we’re here for. Today we’ll make use of metaphors, analogies and examples to guide you…

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Complex Software Projects

Introduction to Software Projects Part II: Complexity

321 313 admin

In our previous post –the first of this series– we talked about the different types of software projects. The level of complexity basically differentiated them: they can be simple or…

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