Trending Topics: The future of work.

Trending Topics: The future of work.

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The future of work

The future of work is already the present of work. We have finally reached the point we began discussing in 2009, at a time when economic conditions in the US forced a rediscovery of the concepts of collaboration and co-working and a full acceptance of the freelancer lifestyle.

CSW Solutions was heavily depended on full-time employees at that time. As a oriented company this was putting a toll on our cash-flow.
We too saw the obstacles as opportunities for change and progress, so we embraced hard work and became more flexible and open in our processes; we made sure our team knew how valuable they –and their happiness– were; we kept focusing on the happiness of our clients and became even more tech-savvy, utilizing resources to learn by ourselves, through on-line sources and our professional colleagues.

By the second half of 2013, it was obvious we needed to enlarge our team. As a multicultural company from the start (Ray was born and raised in Cuba and I grew up alternating between Israel and the US), we always sought after cultural diversity in our team, but the needs in our industry to understand users (now communities ) on different levels gave us the chance to form a team with different professional backgrounds. As for our everyday work, we encourage inspiration and variety during work days by allowing our team to work from home or from co-working spaces; plus half of our team is made of parents, so we’re aware of unexpected family occurrences. However, we encourage attendance to our Monday Team Meeting to catch up on everyone’s week and also to have lunch remotely, but together.

The last three years have also ignited an update of our management style. We became more open to collaboration and socialization in our immediate communities, and we keep testing connections between what used to work and the Scrum methodology in project management. We’ve also given more responsibilities to our developers by allowing them to manage projects directly with Product Owners. Expanding on Sara Horwitz’ New Mutualism idea, our vision of the new economy and the future of work is still “building together always ends up better”, but we’re also exploring the unattended bridges between the old ways and us.

Here are some other ventures we’re exploring this year: more projects that involve a .NET and open source compound, international collaborations, including design in more projects, making twice as many real connections during Microsoft events, supporting our developers on their editorial adventures, and finally, looking back to 2014 (to when we planned this path), to see what actually ended up happening.

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