Meet our developers: Ernesto Díaz.

Meet our developers: Ernesto Díaz.

Yoel Sommer

Ernesto Diaz

Where are you from?
I’m from Havana, Cuba.

What made you decide to become a Developer?
I have two older sisters, both web developers, who showed me what they could do with computers besides playing video games. This happened since they were in college, so I’ve been curious for years.

What brought you to CSW Solutions?
I was living in Miami when a friend introduced me to Ray. Him and Yoel shared their vision of CSW, and offered an opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge I acquired at the University, along with the range of projects CSW had. I moved to Chicago right after.

Can you share at least one tool or trick that makes your life easier as a developer?
This site. It’s a library of Microsoft code samples, which I use for references or support while coding.

What is your favorite CMS and why?
Lately it’s been WordPress, mostly for its simplicity; you can build a good website with a few clicks.

What industry blogs or sites do you read no matter what’s happening any given day?
CODE PROJECT, every day. I enjoy the threads and questions posted by the community. There’s always something to learn from the perspective of those using the tools. The structure of each post comes with an intro, the sharing of the code, the history, and something about the author. I was just on this one this post. After code new comes ESPN, sport news!

What motivates or inspires you?
I’m always motivated by the opportunity and desire to grow and learn. I’m very self-motivated too, which makes it easy to focus and get through something new; I’m not at peace until I know I’m working at my full potential.

What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you?
I don’t know hahah. I like experiments, I like to fix broken things and the process of the fixing; I enjoy discovering what needs to be fixed, the research on YouTube, and giving what I see a try. The other day I fixed my car’s bumper without going to the shop; I just found a hole there and went for it.

How many cups of coffee do you consume in a day?
1 or 2.

What’s your favorite nickname and how did you get it?
El ninja. My friends gave me the nickname when I was in high-school and played water polo. We used to train every day in a small rocky beach, and part of the training was climbing a ladder before we started our swimming session. I was very fast so my friends said I look like a ninja going up, so the name stuck.

What beer do you currently have in your fridge at home?
Stella. I always have a twelve pack in the fridge, ready for the weekend, to share with friends while lounging at home.