On Hiring New Developers to a Team of Developers

On Hiring New Developers to a Team of Developers

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Hiring Developers

Our partners and team members have hired and been hired a few times. We have experience as makers and managers (of people, or projects), so when it’s time to add more to the bunch, the process we follow covers a few steps, platforms and approaches.

In fact, most of the company gets involved in the addition of new skills to the team; here’s a quick peek on how things go during this process.


After getting résumés, we curate candidates based on background and skill sets.


We pick the personalities, backgrounds and experiences we’re the most curious, and give a skills test using Codility. Codility provides testing environments to pre-select programmers based on coding skills. We also take advantage of the pair programming test, and keep track of the scores.


One of our Sr. Developers hosts a one-on-one review with candidates who excel during the Codility phase (excelling is 60% and more). This review includes technical questions to confirm the person fits the job description.

Based on our developer’s insights, the partners are included once more to decide the interview rounds. This is when going over references is addressed too.


The interview with the partners is also a one-on-one experience, and it’s meant to find out more about the personal side of the potential team member.

If a candidate is local, lunch happens; if the person is elsewhere, well, lunch also happens, but virtually.

Yoel and Ray prefer chats with open-ended questions to find out more about the person, their experience, their interests, to discover just how passionate they are about software development. Our team is highly engaged with software development communities: we go to conferences, write books, share news and ideas daily, and attend many local events like meetups.

After this, everything is pretty much about finally picking the right person.


Once a new member has joined our team, the welcoming, familiarization with processes like platforms and connectivity/integration process happen.

Going over this process is as enjoyable as it is not. The cons are that it takes time and focus from several of us; but also ensures that additions to our team are the right ones. The discussions we have on ideas, abilities, passions, proposals, and experience constantly remind us of why we do what we do, and where we’re going as a team.