Technologists of Today: Brent Ozar Unlimited

Technologists of Today: Brent Ozar Unlimited

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Our technologists series continues! This month, our feature goes to Brent Ozar, an SQL Server master, author and communicator.

A CSW Solutions Favorite Developer: Brent Ozar

Why we picked Brent Ozar

This is the second time his name came up during conversations regarding those who we admire, and who complement what we do.

José Guay, a Sr. Web Developer at CSW, sees Brent Ozar a “one of those, very smart guys that can teach you pretty much about anything SQL Server-related, and at the same time be funny and kind.”

About Brent Ozar

Brent is a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server, MVP, a published author, and a consultant.
His team works from home in Chicago, Portland, and Wisconsin, making them a remote team operating like those we mentioned in our Future of Work post back in January.

The type of problems they like to solve involve Slow SQL Servers, SAN tuning, Peak usage problems, Disaster recovery and Cloud transitions. They also like to engage in heavy knowledge exchange with those around them.

About their practice

Their approach to solving problems consists of three main elements:

  1. Applying scalpel-sharp techniques to identify and isolate problems
  2. Teaching how to solve problems
  3. Developing a strategic plan to prevent future problems and maintain SQL health

They have a whole list of problems they solve here, and they offer quick consultations for free.

The team also dedicates a lot of their energy (and knowledge) to training: hosting conferences and events, and sharing training videos.
Even though the team solves technology needs, their strategies to communicate how this happens is perfectly catered to an industry where expertise cannot go through its multiple channels if we don’t coincide in a common language.

Work that stands out

Brent’s videos and talks are inspiring, current and insightful (here’s their YouTube hub). Their processes to develop software solutions are as worth of attention as those of sharing their timely knowledge in distinct media.

The agency has e-books to download (mostly on SQL Servers), reference posters, White Papers (guidance to cloud architects) and several SQL Server tools.

Their blog is a hub for everything going on, in different media. Their approaches range from the very technical to the conceptual. They’re also known for asking advice/questions from viewers and producing content based in them.

We enjoy this part of their practice because it resonates with our philosophy on learning: it’s constant, comes from many channels, and it’s applied in different aspects in our organization.
Our knowledge has taken us to writing books, constantly attend conferences for development, management and leadership, and being part of communities that overlap with software development.

One of the big changes coming to CSW in 2015 is a turn in how we communicate what we do. We are working in a new way to share the impact our clients have had in us, and viceversa, and in how we explain what we can do for our current and potential clients. Contemporaries like Brent Ozar inspire us in all these fronts.

More on Brent Ozar

You can check out their highly informative blog here. You can sign up for their newsletter at the bottom of here. And you can sign up to see the team in action during their next SQL Server Training Classes here.