How to Increase Visibility to Your Website with 5 Simple Strategies

How to Increase Visibility to Your Website with 5 Simple Strategies

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Lindsay Filkins - CSW Solutions

My name is Lindsay Filkins and I am responsible for many fun marketing efforts here at CSW Solutions. I get the gran opportunity to play around with different ways to drive traffic to our website and would like to share a quick 5 with our lovely readers today.

Here we go!

Everyday our world gets a little bit busier and we are forced to move faster to keep pace, right? Not only does this speed up our personal lives but it also affects us in many ways professionally. Every day, the time people will spend on a web site decreases, the less time people invest in searching for a product, less time people use to make decisions and this is why it is becoming extremely important to implement these types of marketing strategies that I will share below here.

Have fun reading and hope you all gain some new ideas.


Let us start with our traditional business development practices, Email.

For those who think that email campaigns are outdated and impersonal, you must know that email is still a highly important form of communication and quite effective. Check out some interesting statistics below that I learned from our partner Inbound Marketing organization, Hubspot.

  1. There are more than 3.2 billions accounts that exist today.
  2. Emails are forever, unlike tweets that are read then soon disappear.
  3. Email actually allows you to be personal by customizing your pitches specifically for that individual, company, industry, and personal info. gathered from Linkedin and other social media networks.
  4. Email marketing has an ROI for 4300%. Quite impressive!
  5. 77% of consumers still prefer email marketing communications believe it or not!
  6. 95% of online consumers use email and 90% check them once a day.


1. Promoters Email Campaign: these are your contacts and clients that may not be able to afford or need your services at the moment but they are your biggest fans and they will help promote your company and share, tweet, like your posts, ultimately driving more traffic to your site and social media. This means the content that you should send them should be educational, providing knowledge that makes their lives easier, like helping them identify and solve a problem in their business or industry. This should be something that they would find useful to share with others; like a one page brochure with content similar to this email that is trying to share ways to drive more traffic to your website. You could take the same content and publish it to your social media and blog which will drive traffic to your site and increase visibility.


2. Lead Generation Email Campaign: create a lead generation list with customized email pitch for a specific target group. This maybe old school but it still works, you just must stay persistent through out the efforts.

-Follow up with a calling campaign after each first, second, and third round of emails to the target contacts.  This is normally a 1 month campaign but plan to spend time following up in the second and the third rounds. A good strategy is to send one round of emails and make one round of calls per week but you may decide to call up to 3 times if you keep getting the voicemail.

-Keep in mind that if you leave a voice mail, say your name and company last so that the contact is more likely to listen to the entire message. Also, as a rule, only leave one voice mail per round so to not drive your contact crazy. If you abuse having direct access to them,  it could leave a sour taste in their mouths the next time they hear your company’s name. A bad decision, no?

-When making this lead generation list, one must first decide who to contact. You can do this by knowing your typical buyer personas (your buyers) and what type of companies, which industries, what designations, and what geography you are tying to reach out to. Once you have this in line, you can start searching for the contacts. You can do this well through LinkedIn with their advanced search. Then to gather their email, you can Google the company contact email to find what the email domain is then you must play around with the contacts first and last name in different forms to discover the username. Many times the username is first.last or first initial last. Now it is time to try to validate the email. I like to use to see if I have gotten the email address correct or not. If not, you can try to change the username in different ways.


3. Blog-  make greater emphasis on being “educational”

Publish educational blogs either about your product or something somewhat relative that your personas would find useful and you could gain additional followers but only on the fact that when they go to your site, they learn.

-One idea is that you make video tutorials and when creating the title, be sure to include your keyword so that your work shows in Google’s search results. These days, more and more internet surfers scan pages for video tutorials for most all their learning. Nearly 99% of the time when I ask a question and the other person does not know, they say, “Just Google it”, so what does that say to you?


4. Call to action-> Landing Page -> Thank you page – to increase visitor to lead conversion rate by hopefully 20%

Create a content offer (free quote, one free consultation, etc) that one of our personas would find valuable and helpful. Providing this content is the one of the best ways to generate new contacts and be seen as a resource. Many web page creators like Word Press have options to create the call to action, which is simply a clickable icon or button that could be “Get a free quote”. The landing page is where this button takes the persona, and this is normally a form where they give you their contact information. The last step is attaching the thank you page, thanking them for their time, delivering the offer and informing when exactly to expect their free quote, trial, etc.



1. Create a CTA on your site and attach to the landing page

2. Create a landing page for your offer that makes the buyer persona fill a form and then turning them automatically into a lead

3. Create a thank you page that delivers the offer and can navigate the new lead further through the buyer’s journey (at what phase of the purchase process are they).


5. Social Media- use to gather key insights, not just to publish content

Study and learn about your followers, sharers and those who are liking your content using social media and see what makes them tick, what they are interested in, where did they go to school, what are some of the best things to do in their city, and document it into your CRM system then use for personalizing your campaign efforts.

Implement Social Media Monitoring efforts by either storing selected numerical data like number of tweets, shares, likes, publishing times into an excel file or with an inbound partner like Hubspot that maintains this info in real-time dashboards. Then set smart goals for you and your team to reach new horizons.


We hope these simple strategies help you further achieve your goals and please forward it along to anyone else you feel would benefit from them.