Meet our Developers: Arístides Castillo

Meet our Developers: Arístides Castillo

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Aristides Castillo- CSW Solutions

Where are you from?

I’m from Barquisimeto, Venezuela.

What made you decide to become a developer?

I discovered what computers were twice in my young life. When I was 5 years old, I used one for the first time and when I was 14 years old, when I learned what Programming Language truly was (Basic, back in the 90s). It turned out that I was good at understanding how a computer behaved and quickly became really good at communicating with them; I have been coding ever since. Picking a major in IT Engineering and then getting a Master Degree in Computing Science was a natural choice, based on who I am and my natural talent.
It’s not only what I do, but also what I am.

What brought you to CSW Solutions?

After years of providing software development services to the US market with different companies and as a freelancer, I met with Yoel and Ray online and we thought it would be great to join efforts, which represented my incorporation into the CSW Solutions team. Being part of this small but passionate team has been a joy.

Can you share at least one tool or trick that makes your life easier as a developer?

Having a vertiginously fast text editor at hand, with great search abilities and addons available to make it fit your custom needs. My recommendation is Sublime Text.

 What is your favorite CMS and why?

I’m not fond of CMSs in general, but I’m happy that this type of software has made it easy for many people and companies to publish their content in the cloud.
I would stay with WordPress. It’s simple to run, simple to use and great for creating blogs. I’ve seen people changing its look and feel for stunning websites and I’ve even integrated it with custom software in disparate technologies like PHP and ASP.NET with no major hassle. Well, maybe a little 😉

What industry blogs or sites do you read no matter what?

I love reading Martin Fowler’s blog and I follow Scott Hanselman’s too.

What motivates or inspires you?

While being a self-motivated guy, my main external motivation comes from my family, especially my children.

I’m sort of a philosopher, so I’m always looking for deep meanings in all things in life. Higher values (love, commitment, passion, making the world a great place) are always inspiring to me.

What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you?

That I’m an amateur guitarist (both classic and electric guitars) and a good singer… in the shower. Actually, maybe that’s something my neighbors already know.

What’s your favorite nickname and how did you get it?

That would be “Ari” and it started when I was working on a US company’s project for the first time. It was kind of fun seeing Americans trying hard to say my name (Aristides).
It was so hard for them that they called for a team meeting just to ask what they could call me. Seriously, we got into a conference room and everything, and there was even a feeling of suspense before they told me the meeting subject. They thought it would be a sensitive issue for me, which I found amusing. I just said: “Ari” is fine.

What’s never missing in your daily routine?

Checking Twitter and playing with my kids.