Options in the cloud: INetU vs Rackspace

Options in the cloud: INetU vs Rackspace

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Speaking of cloud services, hosting services and database maintenance, here’s something else you can add to the evergrowing knowledge in tech and software you’ve been acquiring throughout 2014. We are comparing managed hosting providers (cloud storage), focusing on INetU and Rackspace to start.

Close up: INetU




INetU defines itself as a customer-centric cloud company, which focuses its efforts in four areas:

  1. Consultative design (clients are the architects of their hosting solution)
  2. Worry-free on-boarding (emphasis on successful and timely migration and deployment of cloud services)
  3. Proactive support (customers’ systems and data are monitored constantly to identify potential issues before they happen)
  4. Continuous business planning (business needs are validated for future growth and business changes)

INetU provides managed dedicated servers, load balancing and database clustering for mission-critical websites on the FreeBSD, Redhat Linux and Windows platforms.

This is what a bit of their interface looks like:



Close up: Rackspace





Rackspace was founded on the principle that it would be a different kind of company— focused on the customer, not just technology. Clients have achieved significant business results because they realized the benefits of doing business with a specialist. They share similar stories of frustration with hosting providers failing to deliver the highly specialized services needed to manage their mission-critical hosting environments.

Rackspace lets us help run your day-to-day cloud operations, including infrastructure monitoring, maintenance and patching, and application maintenance.

It offers 3 main service options: public cloud, managed hosting, and private cloud.

Here’s a screenshot of their interface:


 To help you decide:

The key aspects to analyze are reliability, technical support, customer service & billing, server & network speed, price & value for money, and reputation.

Ask yourself this (or partner with a team to help you answer):
1. What specifically are we looking to host?
2. What are our management requirements?

Users are known to switch services due to the level of support each solution provides. Rackspace likes to point out that their standard level of support is equivalent to INetU’s intensive level, but it really comes down to the experience you have since you go into business together.

The exploratory phase at CSW covers these questions, especially when building completely customized solutions; and even though we work with both providers, the best experience has come from INetU, due to customer support and their ability to resolve problems.

By the way, this is a conversation we’re always ready to have because it’s relevant to other services we offer independently; call or send us questions anytime!