Thank You for 2014, Welcome to 2015

Thank You for 2014, Welcome to 2015

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Desert Road

This post is actually an ode to the long road our company has traveled together this year.

TWENTY FOURTEEN found us seizing change: in terms of people, we grew our development team by 50%, and added two freelancing artists to the mix. In terms of internal renovations, we focused in our voice and message, in business development overseas, and in creating processes to work remotely (and happily).

As we focused in organizational culture, a big portion of our efforts was dedicated to looking into our collaborative processes.
We service industries built (sometimes still running) in centralization of information and resources. The consultancy part of our business is one of our favorite features, so part of transitioning into the future of work relied in building strategies and structures which took this into account. It was imperative that we, as a team, tried these practices too.

We quickly found out that running a remote team on goals of collaboration and transparency required collective commitment and engagement, not just from a few people, but from everyone.
We took all this into account and tried a variety of practices: we set up weekly meetings, new hangouts (in real life and online), and an online hub to share thoughts, ideas and knowledge. We even went into content development (our blog) to share knowledge with our community, and to instigate collaboration and communication between our team members.

We did this because we knew we can achieve more by collaborating than we could working in isolation. Change in this area was not the easiest task. Everyone is already very busy with our clients, and no one wanted to make time for merely testing our communication, but we continued and persevered.
We are now looking into measuring the impact of the initiatives we started in 2014, along with the potential to include our experiences into the services we offer our clients.

TWENTY FIFTEEN will find us focusing still on our image, our interactions with clients, and in exploring collaborative practices inside, and around our company.

We also plan to include our clients deeply into our big picture, especially for the development of custom services that can aid their businesses succeed in the short and long term.

In terms of communications, our goal is to keep making information accessible in a way people can understand and engage with meaningfully, inside and outside as well.

We will also design more opportunities to overlap roles and conversations inside CSW: programming talking to communications, customer support talking to business development.
We are including our team’s interests (like Ari’s enthusiasm in gamification) into our daily interactions– as interests we could get into together (like Jose’s affinity to attend development conferences). We believe it’s in these practices where we’ll find things that will benefit our organization as a whole.

So that’s it, here we go, 2015– still changing, doing our best, together.

We support Creative Commons. The image above is called Desert Road, by William Warby, and can be found here.