Umbraco: Why You Should Seriously Consider an Upgrade

Umbraco: Why You Should Seriously Consider an Upgrade

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Somehow it seems that companies have become complacent. They are forgetting to upgrade their systems, mainly because of the notion that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Well, for over 99% of them this has been the case for the update of their Umbraco platform. This blog post will try to highlight some of the most important features that companies can benefit from by upgrading their Umbraco platform and where many of the migrations are coming from nowadays.

Be one of the pioneers and release yourself from the 99% to become a part of the 1% most developed. 

Out of the many reasons why you should keep their software upgraded, here are some of the most important ones:

1. Security

This is probably the most important reason of all. The longer a piece of software is around, the more time malicious actors have on their hands to discover vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities then get patched with updates and become lessons for future versions of the software. Therefore, if you want to keep your information secure, you must utilize the latest version for the platform you have. Significant changes come up for every update, and not having the latest version will always put you at risk for hacks and malicious activity.

  1. New and Improved Features

As time goes on, new software packages add features and try to improve their functionality, stability, security and user experience in general. These features are fully integrated into the software and supported by the software vendor. Also, most of the time, these features go under a more thorough testing cycle than custom solutions.

  1. Enhanced support

A software vendor will give support to a specific version for a definite amount of time. Keeping software up to date guarantees that the software will enjoy the benefits of that support. This not only translates to possible patches, bug fixes, and updates, but it also means that you will have access to a larger community in case any problems arise. Old systems are forgotten. What will happen when you want to update your content and all support has been discontinued for your old website? Chaos, that’s what.

  1. Increase compatibility with other software

This reason goes hand in hand with #3. The community and ecosystem of a piece of software is larger on more recent versions of the software. New libraries and plugins will be developed and have support for these latest versions, and less and less for older versions.

Since Umbraco 4, more than 50 newer Umbraco versions have been released. In the process, major dependencies to the Umbraco package have been upgraded too (ASP.NET MVC being the most prominent one). Because of the myriad of changes performed, companies are afraid to change the structure of work, fearing speed bumps and high learning curves. What is true, however, is that these actualizations reduce the learning curves for employees and actually help new employees manage the content of the website more easily.


If your website is running on Umbraco, especially if it is still running on Version 4, understand some of the benefits of optimizing performance by moving to the latest v7.4.3. Don’t miss out on the latest for this platform. If you need help transitioning from your old v4 site, we can help.


If you haven’t seen our whitepaper showing the differences between WordPress vs. Umbraco check it out to see if you need to change from the popular WordPress to the nimble Umbraco.