Benefits of a Custom Integration of Quickbooks and an E-commerce Platform

Benefits of a Custom Integration of Quickbooks and an E-commerce Platform

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QuickBooks™ Integration to E-Commerce Platform

What was the Challenge?


To create an integration layer so the accounting system QuickBooks™ , would be able to communicate with their e-commerce website and their custom Order Management software, merging information from two databases into one. Through this process, the necessity of having to manually type 1,000+ daily sales into QuickBooks™ would be eliminated. Imagine not having to type 1,000+ sales every day!


How we created the Solution:


By using technologies like ASP.NET and Web Services, CSW Solutions built a customized integration layer to streamline communications between QuickBooks™ and their e-commerce web application. This integration allowed any order that came through the website to automatically be recorded into QuickBooks™.

The entire process was automated, eliminating human error and allowing the company to assign the 2 full time employees who were updating the two databases to other jobs, resulting in cost savings. With the whole process streamlined, the numbers were more accurate, and there is now the power to access real-time visibility in the accounting system, as they no longer have to wait until the orders are put into the system to access numbers.

With this integration they were able to reduce operational costs, improve efficiency, and increase their profitability!

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