Application Development Trends in 2017

Application Development Trends in 2017

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Application Development Trends in 2017

Enterprise applications, mobile applications, and web applications are all almost an entity of their own. Although some trends will overlap, the overall picture demonstrates clear differences in each platform. Moreover, we live in a world where applications run amok. Some are good and some are terribly bad, unfortunately. Yet, small and medium businesses (SMB’s), as well as large enterprises, continue to use clunky applications that prevent them from performing at optimum efficiency.

So, what are some of the

Application Development Trends in 2017?

Let’s start with a couple that are going to produce major changes, if they haven’t done so already:

  • Custom Mobile App Development
  • Custom Website Development

Let’s begin with the first one:

Mobile Development

In a world where “75% of people check their mobile devices at least once per hour, and 90 percent of that time is spent using apps,” not having an optimized platform designed to improve your user’s experience and wants, means you’re missing out on valuable attention real estate. This may result in reduced purchases, loss of customers, and added frustration for both internal and external users.

Reduced purchases may come from a lack of an integrated e-commerce platform. Having an improved platform that enhances the accessibility to purchase, allows users to enjoy the experience and reduce their frustration at the time to buy.

Major KEY → Improve User Experience

Application development trends 2017 - KEYS for unlocking improvements

Customers will sway more rapidly than ever before. Competition is fierce, and not adapting to a rapidly evolving need means you’re going to end up paying for your competitors’ office Christmas party. However, having this type of platform will reduce the frustration that many users face with clunky and overwhelming applications. The key to this process is to simplify the complexity of your information. If your business is purely transactional, the idea is to make the buying process as simple as possible, but not simpler. If your company’s approach is more informational, then the focus should be on delivering the information in an easily consumable way. Again, mobile applications exist to simplify overwhelming complexity.

Major KEY → Simplifying complexity with custom application development

 However, if your information needs a more robust platform, the way to go is with a custom webpage.

Let’s look a little more into this:

Customized Web development

In a world where templates reign, the key to standing out is to create your own personalized look and feel. Basic means different things nowadays. Plenty of companies want a ‘basic’ website because, in their eyes, websites only serve as a window to the business. However, a website is more than that. It is a messenger, a carrier, an analyst, and an influencer.  Websites must continue to evolve with the times. A site that is more than 2 years old is ancient in times like these. Changing trends in custom website design and development make it easier for companies to have connected websites that take advantage of increasing amounts of data. Channeling these advantages to create continuous improvements is what sets a ‘basic’ website from a website that not only serves as a fogged window, but rather as an attractive way to channel optimize and develop the relationship with your customer.

Major KEY → Differentiate Yourself with Integrated Websites

Application development trends 2017 - optimize website performance


Custom app development is the name of the game. When other pieces of software do a basic set of functions or a myriad of unnecessary add-ons, creating a tailored solution is where you will find the added value.  Not every template and piece of software is optimized for your business. Your business is different than others. The key to making sure that you improve with evolving technology tides is to improve user experience, or UX, and take continue adding competitive advantages using app development trends and technology trends.

But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at some of the most impressive facts and figures that we found and evaluate how much impact this digital transformation would have on your business.


Application development trends 2017 - Technology improvements you can apply to your business today!