Cross platform development tips

Cross platform development tips

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Which would you rather have, a more engaged audience or a larger audience? Why not both?

Businesses have been in a transition period lately. They’ve been trying to figure out the best way to display their excellence and engage their current and future customers. This has proven tricky, given the fact that there is a new player in town: Mobile.

However, Web cannot be forgotten. It has the advantage of having a larger audience and more traffic. So the question becomes, how do we increase customer engagement, improve user experience, using an integration of mobile app and website?

The trick of this cross-platform integration has to be to focus solely on user-friendly interface design. People nowadays tend to live in a very intricate and fast-paced life, where they try to find the systems that allow them to be more efficient with their time and that help them become more productive. In this sense, the integration should focus more adding value rather than too much information.

Nowadays people use their phones more than they use desktops to surf the web. The tables have turned and now we need to take out the gum from under the table and design a custom mobile website that allows users to move back and forth. Besides increasing brand exposure, a user-friendly mobile app interface allows users to purchase in a streamlined way, increasing the amount of items they add to their cart.

More sales and a better customer experience = winning combination!

But, why create a mobile app for an e-commerce website?

First of all, it is crucial for the rapid lifestyle we live in to facilitate the process from search to purchase. Mobile apps have created a bite-size consumable culture that allows them to gather information quickly and access services more efficiently. That doesn’t mean the good old websites we have should be moved aside. However, if they merely provide a brochure of what the company does, you can consider it obsolete already. The name of the game is interaction. If the individual has the chance to see and interact with your content, engage with videos, or utilize functionalities that improve their experience, you bet they will come back for more!


Mobile commerce has allowed companies to increase their sales, improve customer relationships, increase brand awareness, all by optimizing the experience. A cross-platform integration can provide the best of both worlds so you can embrace the new and optimize the old.

Then comes the age-old question: is it better to create a separate native app or a web-based app optimized for mobile?