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Tips & Tricks

Configuring Azure Active Directory and Azure AD Domain Services

In our previous post, we configured Azure Windows Virtual Desktop and mentioned that WVD has several requisites to make things work. One of them is Azure Active Directory and this will be the focus of our post. You get an Azure AD when you open an Azure account but there is more to it than just that.

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Additional Tips & Tricks for Teams

As a gold-certified Microsoft partner, we also rely on Microsoft Teams as our main tool of collaboration and communication. CSW Solutions started using teams in 2015 when the product was still in beta. As a company with a distributed module, it is extremely important to have a central hub for collaboration, chat, meetings, and video conferencing... We recently created a shortlist of some of our favorite features that we've used over the years.

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Tips and Tricks in Microsoft Word

The first version of Microsoft Word was released in 1983. Each version since then has seen remarkable improvements and innovations in word processing, paving the way to be the gold standard. According to Spiceworks, eighty-three percent (83%) of organizations across the globe use Microsoft Office. Even with such a base level of familiarity, it is surprising how little people know about the hidden features and shortcuts built into MS Word. It is common to spend several hours trying to properly format headers and footers, change page layouts in the middle of a document, or set up a navigation pane through custom styles. 

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Top Microsoft Workflows to Skyrocket Productivity

Every day in the workplace, we perform many tasks with manual processes to complete our work. Eventually, we find ourselves looking for faster and more efficient ways to overcome these redundancies in our tasks. Through automation and innovation, there are many paths to saving you time and monotony. Microsoft Flows provides an integrated workflow approach that allows you to automate tasks such as copying files, syncing calendars, and sending out emails. It gives you the flexibility to set up conditional constraints so the automation performs exactly how you need it.

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The 5 Most Useful Power BI Features

We recently completed a data centralization project where we needed to retrieve information from multiple sources into an internal database and have a cohesive representation of our data for multi-level review. After forming the relationships between our sources, we leveraged Power BI to showcase the new intel. Power BI is an interactive data visualization and reporting tool that offers self-service Business Intelligence capabilities. It allows you to connect with countless, popular data sources and effortlessly display information from them in a meaningful manner. I found that not only can Power BI work wonders with data, but it can also proactively schedule notifications or alerts for specified values. As our team has explored the many benefits of this service, I am even more confident that Power BI will broaden your capacity to make more informed and intelligent decisions in the workplace. Here are my top 5 most useful features in Power BI:

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Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Teams

As you begin to use Microsoft Teams, you are probably wondering if there are any tips and tricks out there that you don't already know about.  After using Teams for over six months and reviewing its list of features, I have compiled my top five list of helpful tools and shortcuts I learned while using the platform.  These features do not come naturally but can be powerful when used and can save you a lot of time and frustration.

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