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Microsoft Power BI

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing is currently available for preview. This entry-level package of cloud services offers customers a familiar but innovative suite of technology that will make digital transformation more affordable and scalable. Read on to learn about the top five reasons to choose Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing.

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The 5 Most Useful Power BI Features

We recently completed a data centralization project where we needed to retrieve information from multiple sources into an internal database and have a cohesive representation of our data for multi-level review. After forming the relationships between our sources, we leveraged Power BI to showcase the new intel. Power BI is an interactive data visualization and reporting tool that offers self-service Business Intelligence capabilities. It allows you to connect with countless, popular data sources and effortlessly display information from them in a meaningful manner. I found that not only can Power BI work wonders with data, but it can also proactively schedule notifications or alerts for specified values. As our team has explored the many benefits of this service, I am even more confident that Power BI will broaden your capacity to make more informed and intelligent decisions in the workplace. Here are my top 5 most useful features in Power BI:

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Microsoft Power BI - Action Plan for E-Commerce

Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that can deliver insights throughout an organization. By connecting Power BI to different data sources, you can generate dashboards and reports that allow you to better understand the current situation and future needs of the entire organization. This post will shed light on the process of using Power BI as a data reporting tool and the necessary steps to get cohesive and reliable reporting with dashboards. 

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