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CSW Solutions is your trusted software company

Manufacturing Software Development

We design and develop custom software for manufacturing companies. Offering a unique blend of software development and manufacturing know-how, our team has helped transform the way companies plan for their production and delivery processes. We're committed to helping you make the most of responsive automated systems that can be seamlessly integrated with other technologies to achieve maximum efficiency. From human resources to physical plant expenditures, we can develop software to improve overall quality and output levels across all areas, including customer satisfaction ratings.

We turn complex manufacturing data into simple and intuitive software.

We work with world-class manufacturing software solution providers to bring to you the highest levels of manufacturing development services accompanied by business intelligence and data security.

Solutions We Offer

Let technology work for you

Manufacturing ERP Software

Manufacturing ERP Software

We provide secure and scalable custom ERP software solutions help manufacturing companies grow. Our team employs a cutting-edge technological stack to provide considerable benefits to companies of all sizes and complexity. Enjoy more efficiency with integrated AI and machine learning with our custom ERP software.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

We understand manufacturing businesses must continually optimize their supply chains from raw materials to product manufacturing and delivery. Our experience developing and implementing order management systems ensure efficient product delivery and accuracy while helping you avoid short supply or potential customer frustration caused by fluctuating inventory levels. With inventory management process automation and digitization, you can expect improved customer satisfaction, increased sales, and better ROI.

Production Planning & Reporting

Production Planning & Reporting

Our unique software and solutions can improve your production operations, scheduling, and capacity planning. For key data-driven choices we rely on automation and analytics. Operational efficiency, increased productivity, improved planning through actionable insights, and balanced inventory management are all advantages of this comprehensive production planning system.

Integrations into Manufacturing Software Solutions

Integrations into Manufacturing Software Solutions

The CSW Solutions team has worked with many third-party APIs and provide the expertise of integrating them into manufacturing systems. Integration of APIs into data mining, data modeling, and report tools can help you save time when developing a solution from the ground up.

How do we develop custom manufacturing software?

To benefit from our manufacturing software development services, we offer the following:
  1. Discovery - We take the time and consideration to learn about you and your business to collect and analyze requirements and develop a quality, scalable software specifications document. We define the scope of the manufacturing software development project with a high-level delivery schedule. We also include potential risk assessments associated with the manufacturing software development, use of manufacturing software and integration, and more as needed to develop a risk mitigation action plan.
  2. Design - Our UX/UI team meticulously map user journeys to ensure an intuitive and simple user experience with responsiveness and user experience in mind. To achieve a distinct yet sleek visual design, UI designers create appealing software interface elements (buttons, menus, icons, and more).
  3. Development - In our development projects, we use an iterative approach (SCRUM Methodology) where we divide the project into 2-4 week iterations and launch a minimum viable product (MVP) or the first application version with a set of high-priority features within 2-4 months. We also integrate software with the IT environment of a organization and implement APIs for manufacturing software products.
  4. QA & Testing - For all major releases of our custom software, we perform vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, performance, usability, and functional testing.
  5. Launch, Support & Maintenance - We monitor and manage the manufacturing software performance as needed, proactively detect and fix defects, perform weekly and monthly manufacturing software administration tasks (e.g., security checks and updates, user or access management).
CSW Solutions is your manufacturing software company

Why CSW Solutions?

  • Over 20 years in custom enterprise software development
  • Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development and Cloud Solutions
  • We utilize cutting-edge technologies to develop and integrate production solutions that increase uptime.
  • Our team is well-versed in industry processes and regulations, as well as the implementation of technologies such as AI/ML, Big Data, and Cloud.
  • 24/7 Professional
  • Azure Certified
  • Discovery
    Recover Planning
  • Design and Implementation
    of Hybrid Cloud Environments
“We have worked with CSW on a variety of solutions for over 15 years. During that time, they’ve been a remarkably effective part of our team. In our collaboration, we have developed ground-breaking solutions using the latest technology, and throughout that time, we have received consistently top-notch results and responsiveness from the CSW team. While others have tried to win this business from us, I wouldn’t dream of turning to anyone but CSW for our IT development needs.”

Pricing Options

We provide three pricing options:

  • Fixed Price - Our team will create a fixed price quote for the well-defined manufacturing project scope. You pay as the project progresses, with payments aligned with the milestones in your workflow.

  • Time and Materials - We understand that the scope of a project may fluctuate as budget and necessity do when it comes to innovation and growth. This option means we'll only charge an hourly rate for the development time and materials that was spent working on your manufacturing software development project. Our monthly invoices include reports, detailing what has been completed and an updated overview of how much work we have before completion.

  • Time and Materials with An Estimate Cap - This model is the same as Time and Materials but we will also provide you with an estimate before we begin the manufacturing software project and included is a defined maximum for the elements in the project.

Manufacturing Industry F&Q

Order management and inventory software, product management software, industrial IoT solutions for asset management, enterprise resource planning software, and computer-aided manufacturing software are all utilized by the manufacturing industry.

We have a skilled team of manufacturing software developers and testers who have years of experience and in the manufacturing industry and can ensure timely delivery. We implement cloud-native architecture, use proven third party components with public APIs for maximum comfort in our customers' businesses; also we automate testing to decrease costs significantly. For more information, read here.

Our team works closely with you to help monitor the progress of your manufacturing software project. We will agree on predefined metrics, such as how often a certain task is completed or what percentage change in cost was achieved from one milestone release compared another. For example: if we see that there has been less than optimal progress recently then perhaps due time frame would be adjusted accordingly so no delays occur because our customer wants everything done quickly without any missed deadlines. This way both parties win - achieving better results for them whilst also ensuring maximum productivity within this partnership.

We understand the importance of user-friendly manufacturing software to help you save time and resources.

Our trusted team of in-house experts bring to you the highest levels of manufacturing software development services accompanied by compliance and interoperability while enabling manufacturing data interoperability.