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What are the undervalued benefits of Custom Software?

There are three main benefits:

  1. Capability
  2. Security
  3. Competitive Advantage

For starters, it is very unlikely to find existing software that will carry out all your business needs, exactly as you want them.

Control and ownership of the very software that runs your business is probably a good strategy. While a pre-packaged solution may seem cheaper and easier, in the long run, custom software will serve you, your business, and your clients a lot more effectively. 

Not all businesses have the same needs. Even while stock software options are available, the likelihood of them conforming to all the developing needs of your organization is rare. 
In the long run, these unattended needs will result in your business losing operational capability. With custom enterprise software development, you can have a system that caters to your own evolving capabilities. You won’t be paying for features that you never end up using or upgrades that never come. With custom software, your company can further its vision virtually and without limits.

Compatibility may be another issue when dealing with pre-packaged software. This can lead to unnecessary troubleshooting and makeshift solutions that affect the quality of your product. Custom software, on the other hand, is easily tailored to each team’s requirements and should be able to handle any variations.

Purchasing enterprise software should be viewed as an investment. When purchasing pre-packaged software, a business is investing in that external business, as opposed to investing internally. Custom software development provides your business with an asset that is not only internally owned but can also be sold, licensed or packaged for profit as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), if applicable.

Furthermore, it is common for companies to rent – as opposed to buying – pre-packaged software. This is especially true with the rise of cloud mobility and accessibility. While this may be more compelling due to being the cheaper option, this can pose a couple of issues for the buyer; such as product termination, restricted licenses, security breaches, or expiration.

With custom-developed software, as previously mentioned, ownership is a massive perk. It provides the company with the ability to decide factors such as implementation, flexibility, and safety. Instead of paying for a software license, you pay for developmental costs and then have unrestricted access to multiple users, devices, and networks. Updates are also not mandated but rather, requested and controlled by your own company when dealing with custom software development.  While those using pre-packaged software, who don’t pay for mandatory updates, tend to experience interruptions and compatibility issues.

At times, custom software can be secured in detail more so than pre-packaged options would allow. While it may be unfathomable that pre-packaged software is susceptible to data and security breaches, a more widely used software is the perfect target for hackers. With custom-developed software, your brand can create a one of a kind system. Competitors would not have access to it and its unique structure would make it harder for hackers to breach.

Using a customizable software solution provides your brand with a competitive advantage. When two companies have the same tools at their disposal, it is more of a challenge to stand out, let alone dominate the marketplace. With custom-developed software, your competitors’ weaknesses become your strengths – something that would be unachievable with pre-packaged solutions.

If you’re looking for ways to stand out, the best approach may not necessarily be to google the best practices of your industry and purchase every product that your competitors have. That will turn your company into just another one in the bunch. If you know your industry, you see silos of information out there that you can resolve using a customized solution. This is an opportunity for you to have an edge over all your competitors. Wouldn’t that be great?

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