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Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Launch Date Announced

Less than three months ago at the Microsoft Connect; 2018 Conference, the first public preview of the latest version of Microsoft's flagship software development environment, Visual Studio 2019 was released. Two more previews have been released into the wild since then, with the most recent one, Preview 3, just two days ago on February 13th.

The cadence of the releases is stunning, considering all the features being included. Some of those features are:

  • Even higher solution load speed for solutions with many projects.
  • Sign in, browse, and one-click clone or connect to your hosted repositories from Azure DevOps through the start window.
  • Updated UI for searching in the Autos, Locals, and Watch windows with a simpler interface.
  • Use of a single, unified Visual Studio SDK in the NuGet package Microsoft.VisualStudio.SDK.
  • New experiences in creating new projects. When creating new ASP.NET projects specifically, Visual Studio offers additional dialogues that surface along with ASP.NET specific choices. These additional dialogues have been updated to match the visual style throughout the rest of the experience.
  • Dozens of bug fixes and improvements across the entire Visual Studio ecosystem and for specific languages such as C++ and F#.

Now the big news is, we have a launch date! Yes, you heard it right! Amanda Silver, Director of Program Management for Developer Tools at Microsoft, posted the information for the launch date in the Visual Studio Blog. It looks like there won't be any more previews released before the launch date, but who knows? Maybe they'll surprise us with yet another one before the official release on April 2nd.


Image from the Visual Studio Blog

You can join this exciting event online using the #VS2019 hashtag on Facebook and Twitter, or at a local event near you.

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