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Understanding the Azure Cloud Service Provider

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As the technology world enters the age of the cloud, your business technology infrastructure has become a competitive differentiation. Companies that are able to build scalable, secure, and reliable product offerings in the Azure cloud are able to get their services to the market faster while taking fewer risks. For a lot of companies, this type of innovation may feel out of reach due to a lack of expertise in cloud computing. An Azure Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Azure Cloud Service Provider (CSP) can easily help close the gap.

Here are a few of the reasons why companies are seeking out Managed Services for Azure:

To Maximize the Value of Azure

There are three main Azure services that are used to migrate applications to Azure: Virtual Machines or WVD, Networking, and Access & Security Control. These services will likely lower costs and provide greater flexibility compared to on-premises or a data center but that isn't even the tip of the iceberg. There are far more benefits and advantages of Azure that can vastly improve your operations. The right cloud provider can help you identify and optimize the Azure service to use for the most efficient method of migrating to the cloud.

Patching, Backups, and More

Many new cloud customers incorrectly assume that when migrating to Azure, Microsoft takes care of OS patching, backups, and upgrades. The truth is that most underestimate the cost and effort of maintaining the cloud.
As an Azure customer, you are responsible for regular patching, setting up backups, and resolving the unexpected. Some services can be automated but for the most part, the responsibility lies solely with you, the customer. By using an Azure Cloud Provider, you will be offloading the time-consuming and often labor-intensive maintenance that your team doesn't need to handle.

Azure Support

Having a dedicated 24x7 support team is both expensive and challenging to manage and if you’re running mission-critical applications on Azure, you need that level of support. An experienced Azure Managed Services Provider (MSP) will provide that. An MSP that is a Gold-certified Cloud service provider will provide even more; Azure-certified engineers, a direct escalation path to Microsoft, issue tracking, and even quicker response time. Not every provider can provide those, so ask for metrics and references.

Azure Compliance Expertise

Maintaining compliance like HIPPA, PCI-DSS, etc. on Azure involves a different set of tools and processes. This often means weeks or months of work for risk-averse companies in highly-regulated industries. An Azure-certified MSP with compliance expertise can ensure that your cloud architecture consistently meets the required standard. From analyzing your application's code to your Azure security configuration, your Azure-certified MSP can assist you to prepare for audits.

Innovation, Innovation, Innovation

Operating on the Microsoft Azure platform means there is a constant stream of announcements, services, and new products. Researching new Azure services and products could be a full-time job in itself. More often than not, new services or products can have a major impact on your business as technology adapts and improves.

An Azure-certified cloud partner is always tuned-in to the latest Microsoft innovations. Your cloud partner will be able to suggest new services for you to try and upgrade your services when it makes sense because sometimes, it doesn't.

CSW Solutions is often invited to participate in new Azure offerings before they go public because we are a long-standing, Gold-certified Cloud partner. Therefore, we can offer our informed and timely expertise to our customers.
As your cloud and services research team, your cloud partner is your guide to all the new plans and offerings that Microsoft continues to offer.

If you’re interested in learning more about cloud computing, Azure migration services, or how CSW Solutions can help you realize a new project, visit our website or contact us. We are a Gold-certified Microsoft partner, specialized in Azure and we look forward to partnering with you!

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Yoel Sommer

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