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Benefits of Working with a Microsoft Azure Reseller or CSP

The Azure cloud has proven to be the most secure and reliable source for company productivity, scalability without disruption, and growth opportunities. It provides the flexibility to respond quickly to evolving market demands or innovate quickly and create unforgettable customer experiences. With that said, partnering with a Microsoft Azure cloud services provider (CSP) like CSW Solutions could help you achieve even more by making the most of your cloud services and see increasing returns at better rates.

Cloud Computing

By now, you may be wondering what a CSP is and what kind of role we provide as a CSP for our customers. An Azure Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) is a Microsoft-certified partner who meets the stringent criteria to become a CSP in the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program.

As an Azure CSP, CSW Solutions is able to provide and manage an online marketplace of services from where customers can buy Microsoft Office 365 and Azure products, core partner products, and third-party products and services. We bill customers directly and manage collections and customer support without Microsoft’s involvement. That means no waiting times when you need assistance either. Your CSP will have access to all the dedicated in-product tools to directly provision, manage, and support customer subscriptions and see where any areas can be improved or scaled to fit their cloud usage.

It only makes sense to develop a relationship of trust and a level of rapport with the team that is the most familiar with your organization to be there with you and for you throughout your Azure cloud experience. The main goal is to make it easier for consumers to purchase cloud solutions and services by establishing a long-term partnership with their CSP as an extension of their team. The rest of this post will bring to light, more of advantages in using CSW Solutions as your Azure CSP, all of which are available at no extra cost and with no long-term commitment.

Tech Support

Technical Support

When there is an urgent support issue, the last thing anyone wants to do is dial a toll-free number and wade through the bots for assistance, only to have to explain your situation again and again to insincere strangers with scripted lines. This can not only be frustrating and time-consuming but costly for your business! With CSW Solutions, your support team is made up of real people that you can reach at any time who already know your team and where to look if you have a problem. Our team will assign you a dedicated account manager that will be your one contact for support, billing, and account management. They will be reachable to you with one phone call or email, as your project and infrastructure information are already familiar to them. This level of personal dedication is unheard of in this age and is even more important as the remote workforce continues to thrive. The best part though, is that if your issue requires further attention of the higher powers, we have the ability to escalate the issue with a direct line to Microsoft Premier Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Simplified Azure Billing

In a world where the fine print can ruin a good thing, it just doesn't exist for our customers. At the beginning of each month, CSW Solutions' customers receive a single, easy-to-understand monthly bill with usage report for the previous month. The bill and the usage report details your Azure resources and any other services within the period of billing. If at some point, you decide you want to try cutting costs in Azure, we will assist you at the level that's right for you. Your dedicated account manager will be there to assist and consult you with the best approach to make the changes you are seeking to implement. Whether it is simple help or end-to-end Azure cost management services that pay for themselves in savings, you will have a trusted in-house expert with you every step of the way. 

In addition to that, your dedicated account manager will schedule a billing review with you and your team every quarter to see if your setup is optimal for your needs. This process gives us every chance to bring you any new cost-saving features or additional Azure Cloud innovation that may improve your organization no matter what direction you take in growth and success.


Maximizing the potential of your Azure cloud environment will require time and understanding, along with a specialized skill set that is not easy to find. In addition to your Microsoft-certified, dedicated account manager that was assigned to your account, when you work with a CSP like CSW Solutions or take advantage of our Azure Managed Services, you also gain access to our team of Microsoft-certified Azure engineers. This means you will have your favorite people working hard as an extension of your team with the same goal of success for your organization.

Together we will gain fresh perspectives on your Azure environment by recommending cloud services that are or can be tailored to your specific business requirements. Security reporting, optimization insights, and quarterly feedback with expert recommendations are all part of the CSP experience with us.

Microsoft Solution Provider

Overall, you can see that partnering with a Microsoft Gold-Platform CSP like CSW Solutions ensures that the core processes, software, and systems have the utmost control without the hassle of managing multiple cloud solutions or providers. You can easily manage your cloud services without the added clutter or unspecified costs for things you don't even know you're not using. As your own CSP partner, we will deploy the exact solutions with your unique requirements whether they are public, private, or a combination of the two. Let us do the legwork to endeavor your Azure cloud to work right for you. Contact us today to get started with a free assessment!

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