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CASE STUDY: Custom software solution for Chicago Children’s Museum

Chicago Children’s Museum Story Hub: Case Study Customer The Chicago Children’s Museum mission is to improve children’s lives by creating a community where play and learning connect. It is a place where families and caregivers with children are encouraged to create, explore, and discover together through play. The museum features three vibrant floors of exhibits and activities. Each area provides sensory experiences. Guests engage in educational content focusing on literacy, science, math, visual and performing arts, and health.   Description Story Hub gives its users the opportunity to create a mini-movie…

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Things to consider when migrating to the Cloud

Across industries, the need for management of information, revenue, and technology lends itself to the demand for security, capacity, and agility. With growth comes risk and there seems to be no end to the requisite efficiency in the storage and retrieval of sensitive information. Migrating to the Cloud has been an integral facet of modernization in any business strategy and these days, there are more than a handful of factors to consider. The number of operational locations, remote or local users, and each user’s unique accessibility must also be considered to…

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Microsoft Power BI – Action Plan for E-commerce

Recently, we have a lot of customers who are interested in taking all the data they collected over the years and make sense of it. This is very common now with our E-commerce customers. This post will shed light on the process of using Power BI as a data reporting tool and the steps that are needed to be taken in order get cohesive and reliable reporting and dashboards.  Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that can deliver insights throughout an organization. By connecting Power BI to…

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Manufacturing at lightning speeds with IT optimization

Implementing IT into your business can seem overwhelming but don’t allow IT solutions to complicate your business. Instead, allow them to improve processes and help current, new, and old customers engage more actively. In this post, we’ll talk about various trending technology solutions and developments and how the manufacturing sector can use these trends to gain a competitive advantage. There are three categories of manufacturers: discrete, process, and power/utilities. Discrete manufacturing is involved with creating individual products that can be disassembled at the end of their life so the basic…

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Is the Internet of Things Useful for Your Business?

Forbes defines the Internet of Things as, “[referring] to sensors in all types of devices that can monitor and collect data from objects, in order to quickly communicate diverse information such as environmental conditions, vehicle motor speed, and whether or not street lamps are working.” Startups and small businesses alike need to continually find new ways to stand out in order to compete with large scale corporations. This is particularly true when it comes to bringing Internet of Things (IoT) products to consumers and businesses. The Internet of Things is…

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What are the undervalued benefits of Custom Software?

There are three main benefits: Capability Security Competitive Advantage For starters, it is very unlikely to find existing software that will carry out all your business’ needs, exactly as you want them. Besides, having control and ownership of the very software that runs your business is probably a good strategy.While a pre-packaged solution may seem cheaper and more efficient, in the long run, custom developed software will serve you, your business, and your clients a lot more effectively. Not all businesses have the same needs. Even while stock software options…

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Cross platform development tips

Which would you rather have, a more engaged audience or a larger audience? Why not both? Businesses have been in a transition period lately. They’ve been trying to figure out the best way to display their excellence and engage their current and future customers. This has proven tricky, given the fact that there is a new player in town: Mobile. However, Web cannot be forgotten. It has the advantage of having a larger audience and more traffic. So the question becomes, how do we increase customer engagement, improve user experience,…

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Big Data for Small Businesses: Overlaps and Opportunities

  How can you use big data to develop your business? Since this is a topic that’s here to stay, we’ll center this post around two main areas where big data can impact small businesses: Marketing and Operations. On Marketing   Let’s think of a marketing budget. It had been the case that forecasts and media plans were made by looking first at the goals a company wanted to accomplish; this is no longer the case. Marketing plans are being developed by the needs that users are sharing, and big…

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Application Development Trends in 2017

Enterprise applications, mobile applications, and web applications are all almost an entity of their own. Although some trends will overlap, the overall picture demonstrates clear differences in each platform. Moreover, we live in a world where applications run amok. Some are good and some are terribly bad, unfortunately. Yet, small and medium businesses (SMB’s), as well as large enterprises, continue to use clunky applications that prevent them from performing at optimum efficiency. So, what are some of the Application Development Trends in 2017? Let’s start with a couple that are…

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