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Hybrid Cloud

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing is currently available for preview. This entry-level package of cloud services offers customers a familiar but innovative suite of technology that will make digital transformation more affordable and scalable. Read on to learn about the top five reasons to choose Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing.

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5 Software Cost Reduction & Development Strategy Tips

Businesses continue to expand their resources to accommodate the need for custom software development and cloud services to stay competitive. Read here to learn more about how to reduce custom software development costs!

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5 Financial Benefits of Cloud Migration

There are many advantages in migrating to the cloud. The bottom line continues to be that it is a path to success for the modern business. Read more to learn how you can reap the financial benefits of cloud migration

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What Are Cloud Native Applications: 4 Parts Explained

Cloud native applications are software applications that were designed and built for a cloud computing architecture. Read more to learn about cloud native apps and how they work!

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Microsoft Teams : A Hybrid Meeting & Work Solution

Innovations with Microsoft Teams and Office have upped the ante for employees who need tools for success in the new hybrid workplace. Read here to learn more about Microsoft Teams for Hybrid Work!

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What is Hybrid Cloud?

Have you heard of the Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud and are interested to know more about them? Along with the remote workforce comes the increased demand for cloud resources to support the growth of remote access and data security. Read on and learn more about it here.

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